Hi there.

   It’s end-of-school, beach, swimming, fun-in-the-sun time! Hooray. Flowers, gardens, bike riding—I’m loving it.
   The Twins’ Family Wish, the fourth and last book in my Wranglers Ranch series, will be out at the end of June. You already know I love Tucson. Wranglers Ranch and these cute twins are one of my favorite stories. I hope you’ll enjoy all four books set at Wranglers Ranch.
   Oh, I forgot to tell you. The Cowboy’s Easter Family Wish marked my 50th book for Love Inspired! What a fun journey it’s been and what fantastic editors I’ve had along the way. A hug to each of them for their wonderful support and encouragement. Here’s to 50 more.
   Along with my celebration, Love Inspired is marking their 20th year of publishing with some wonderful gifts for readers. Check my Facebook page often. I’ll be posting information there.
   My latest novella, Christmas Eve Cowboy, debuts in November, paired with a novella from another Love Inspired author. It’s set in the fictional town of Snowflake, Montana and I think you’ll like it. I love Christmas so writing this story wasn’t a hardship.
   Love Inspired has me busy on a new four-book series so I’m deep into book one. I don’t have a series title or a book title to announce but I’ll let you know soon. The stories are set in a remote manor house where military veterans come to renew and rebuild their lives. THE HAVEN isn’t far from the town of Jasper, Alberta, Canada. If you haven’t been, you should go. This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday and entrance to our national parks is free so get out there and enjoy our amazing country.
   Sadly, no travel plans booked for me. Hubby has decided our patio needs redoing, a huge job that can’t be nailed down time-wise. Which means my to-go list is growing.  The Maritimes, China, Vancouver Island, Turks and Caicos—oh, just name it. I want to go there.
   Of course the quilts are waiting for me, too. But when it’s nice outside—well, they won’t spoil while I sunbathe. I’m just hoping our local pool’s renovations are completed on time. I long to swim!
   I hope you’ll enjoy God’s wonderful summertime season. He’s created such beauty in this world. Let’s not let ugliness and strife blind us to it. And of course, His love endures no matter what. Have a glorious summer. Love to hear from you.

Blessings from my house to yours,

July, 2017

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