I'm glad you stopped by my website.
Aren't you glad it's summertime? I hope you're enjoying these long warm days. Summer was a long time coming but things are in full swing now, including those pesky mosquitoes. I've been nibbled a lot on my treks to the lake, to the park and my wonderful trips to the local pool, not to mention those picnics on the beach. The short trips are so fun, aren't they? Not so much packing!

These are just a few of my travels. I'm so happy you're coming along via my books to discover characters with issues like you and I face every day, in places we might not physically get to. Check out my most recent books, my backlist, read my bio or email me. I'd love to hear what's happening in your corner of the world. There's lots to see and do here. Just check the signpost.

Oops! Gotta go catch that hot air balloon. Happy summer. I'll write soon.