Hi There! Just dropped
in from a hang glider. Is that fun!

Do you have a moment to smell the flowers with me? I love how a few blooms brighten my day--even dandelions. That fresh smell of newly dug earth begs me to sink my gardening gloves into it.

Things are happening in Buffalo Gap, my friendly little town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There's a ton of handsome cowboys to take your breath away. Some ladies will soon arrive to knock the socks off those guys along with some kiddies who'll tug at your heartstrings. You know how I love a happy ending.

A Dad For Her Twins hit the Publisher's Weekly Bestseller list making me a proud mama. Rancher Daddy will be on shelves in August and Gift-Wrapped Family arrives in December. Things are really hopping in town with all this romance in the air. Cowboys, ranches, babies, moms--everything we love to read about!

These days I'm learning Sashiko--a Japanese form of quilting. And then I have to scoot down south to research a ride on a covered wagon. Sand dunes to visit, petroglyphs to see. And of course, I need to get those sweet pea seeds sown.

Meet you soon in Buffalo Gap. Bring your quilt. You'll wanna sit on it and savor the scenery of the lovely Canadian Rockies.


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