Hi There!

How are you? I admit it's hard to adjust to cold North America after my amazing journey to Australia. This has been a crazy winter, hasn't it? Doesn't it feel good to see the days are lengthening and know that spring is on the way?

Buffalo Gap, Alberta is a busy place and Family Ties, the local adoption agency, is the reason why. Family Ties helped  Abby and Cade get married in A Dad For Her Twins. Then Luc and Holly got together over a boy named Henry in Rancher Daddy. With the help of Family Ties, Caleb and Mia managed to create a Gift Wrapped Family and now Kelly and Sam are coming together in Accidental Dad, the last story in my Family Ties series from Love Inspired.

I'm having a ball sewing in my quilt room while I wait for spring to arrive. Then I'll return to visit the Rocky Mountain foothills once more. It's a gorgeous place any time of the year. Why don't you join me in Buffalo Gap?

Here's wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day and a blessed Easter. See you soon!


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