Hi There!

My fingers are frozen! Looks a lot like winter's on the way in this part of the world. And you know what comes with winter--Thanksgiving and Christmas! Don't you just love these special celebration times?

Things are sure hopping in Buffalo Gap. Romance in the Rockies got started when Abby met her perfect man in A Dad For Her Twins . Then Luc and Holly got hitched with a kid named help from a boy named Henry--courtesy Family Ties Adoption Agency! They work hard to match needy kids with perfect parents you know. Caleb Grant, a local lawyer, has been helping them but lately he's putting in extra hours for one orphaned girl who's special to him. Caleb feels he isn't fit to be her dad, but he's pretty sure widow Mia Granger would make the perfect mommy for Lily. All he has to do is persuade her to move to her ranch at Buffalo Gap and open her heart to love. Could it be that God means Riverbend Ranch to be a home for a family of three? Check out my newest book Gift Wrapped Family

The quilters in Buffalo Gap have really spurred me on. I've got quilt tops piled high, ready for Christmas gifts. Say, why don't you join me in the Canadian Rockies? I'd love to meet you in the candlelight parade on New Year's Eve then chat over a cup of cocoa by a roaring fire.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Hope to see you soon in Buffalo Gap.


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